Build, repair and maintenace

Get yours built by experts

If you find is difficult to build it on your own, or you just want to avoid the hassle and want to fly it as soon as possible, this is the place the get your quadcopter built by experts.
You can select from multiple options, don't find what you need? Reach out to us via Whatsapp and we will help you will all your questions and the build.
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Building fee*



Builds up to 2 inches

Rs 5000

FPV quad

5 inch FPV quadcopter

Rs 7500


Cinewhoop 2.5 - 3.5 in

Rs 7500 - Rs 10000


Cinema camera lifter
Please contact 773.838.7555 for pricing

*The charges are only for the build, parts to be provided by the user, while we take maximum care while building, there are risks of parts malfunction, the risk of that is with the user.

If you need use case specific tunig please let us know while discussing the build, the charges for tuning are additional

  • Build time 3 to 5 days depending on the build complexity.
  • Cine-lifters would take longer and will depend on each build
  • If it needs to be built and shipped then the shipping lead time would be as per the shipping method. We can not control that lead time.
  • The delivery lead time will totally depend on the destination.
  • We can do urgent build but please understand that we don’t work on Sundays. Sundays are reserved for flying.

3D Design, Prototypes & 3D Printing
Call or message for pricing

Repair and maintenance

Had a crash, or brush with the elements, need urgent repairs, need unlimited repairs?
We have you covered with the expert build and maintenance plans


7 days turn around
Labor only, replacement parts at actuals

Rs 20,000 per year
Paid in advance


5 days turn around
Labor only, replacement parts at actuals

Rs 30,000 per year
Paid in advance


2 days turn around
Labor only, replacement parts at actuals

Rs 45,000 per year
Paid in advance

Unlimited repairs per year
Parts not included in the annual repair packages
Turn around time (TAT) is for 5 working days per week, Saturday and Sunday not included
Turnaround time subject to part availability. Part procurement lead time not included in TAT
100% advance payment for annual packages

What the community says

Whoopmasters has been an absolute lifesaver in my journey of building my own FPV drone. Their expertise and guidance were instrumental in helping me navigate the intricate process. I’m incredibly impressed with this company, which aims to create a thriving community within the FPV drone world. Utkarsh has shown a genuine commitment to fostering a positive atmosphere, sharing knowledge, and supporting fellow enthusiasts. I am grateful for his assistance and the wonderful community he is building. Highly recommend reaching out to Utkarsh for an exceptional experience in the FPV drone realm.

Jay Soni

FPV enthusiast
master 5 hd

Just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for your incredible skills in assembling a 5 inch HD FPV drone for me. The drone is stunning , thanks to your expert workmanship.Your attention to detail and dedication to your craft is truly outstanding and I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you. It is clear that you take great pride in your work and care deeply about creating high-quality, top-performing drones.Again, thank you for all your hard work and for creating such a beautiful drone for me. I look forward to many great flights and adventures with this incredible drone.

Dr. Abhishek Agarwal


Hi, whoopmasters were a great help to me. I told them what i wanted and got the perfect whoop completely in my budget… they answered all my questions and overall were a great help.


Student and FPV beginner

It was very informative and helpful by talking to Whoopmasters team. thank you for sharing all the possible information to people who are new to this hobby, also they want you to learn and fix the problem with your quad for which I really appreciate the work they are doing

Saurabh Kekan

Cinematographer & FPV enthusiast

Prompt service very quick delivery after sales service is also good they gives assistance on call as well


Cinematographer and drone pilot

Got this drone from the whoopmaster himself , this little bird is capable of bouncing off walls all day long and hsa enough lift to carry a small action cam.
This is great for a novice like me to get flight time and not get worried about breaking the quad or dammaging things at my home.
if you are looking for a rugged 2 inch quad which you can also fly outside then this is the one.
flight time on 2s 450mah: 3min


FPV Enthusiast

As someone venturing into the hobby with no background in building drones and understanding technicalities it was very daunting and intimidating to me at first. I wasn’t sure if I would even continue, as the learning curve seemed steep

The Whoopmasters crew enables crucial learning while you build your own drone alongside great minds and energy.

I don’t want this to sound like some marketing bs but in 7 months I was able to fly through grills, under tables, vehicles. Heck! I gradually built a 5 inch quad well underway to a 7inch for someone who is a complete Cinewhoop guy! Engaging with the right people when pursuing a hobby/passion is pivotal. If you’ve read this far, you made the right choice!

Amplifly - Lysansder - TheGapMan

Marketing Guru & Drone Enthusiast

Whenever I land into any problem while building/fixing a quad I contact Whoopmasters for the solution. I have got the solution for all my problems through them and have also got my quad built and tuned through them. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start contact them for all the solutions to your problems.

Frosty FPV


When you feel helpless with issues in your quad or frustrated due to nature of this hobby , you always need someone to cheer you up and mentor who show you the perfect path to achieve your goal, this who Utkarsh bhaiya had been to me in this field and I believe he will be same for all
Countless late night calls for just explaining how things works and few time shower of angry words on silly mistake and then helping to correcting those, and to be honest I wouldn’t have been 10 percent of what I am without his help and guidance


Engineering Student - FPV Enthusiast

If you are thinking about getting into fpv, let me tell you from experience that the technical bit is more complicated than you think. And Whoopmasters are there to take care of all that technicality, so you can just focus on the flying. 🛩️

Oschen Dsouza